About Us

“ Simply by understanding the needs of people, we can operate with sophistication to create optimal job matches ”

Sourcing for Manpower and finding a real sustainable job has always been a challenge in every industry. Whether it’s finding someone you can trust to handle your business operations or securing a great career – These decisions will affect the future of your business or advancement in the working world.

Here at SG Employment, we believe that Manpower is the driving force of any business. And that having the right people in the right positions will lead to better working environments and nurtures a positive career path. With this goal, SG Employment caters the manpower needs of local companies big and small. We do this by providing a simple comprehensive structure in recruitment and human resource management – This creates powerful connections between organizations and the talent.

Over the years, we have developed procedures to identify qualified candidates by undergoing our comprehensive screening workshops. Needless to say, by understanding different educational backgrounds, characteristics, range of experiences and skills – We are able to match Talent and Job positions more effectively with long term benefits. (For both employer and Job seeker)

You see, there are many fields of expertise such as Administrative, Human Resource, Accounting, Finance, IT, Multimedia Arts, Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare & Medical, Construction & Engineering Professionals, Hotel & Restaurants and many others. To us, finding the right fit always comes first.

For our clients and job seekers, we ensure 100% confidentiality, together with the qualifications you require to achieve your goal. We also recommend candidates who are well-suited for various positions.

SG Employment aims to be the leading Employment Agency by helping everyone achieve more.

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